Guest blogger: Mark Schreiner

Over the coming days, Mark Schreiner, my friend and Duke Medicine colleague — and fellow former John Carroll Blue Streak — will begin to blog here at I’m delighted to welcome him and eager to read his entries. Mark is a veteran news reporter and an inveterate storyteller, and I learn something from him every time I chat with him. I hope you’ll enjoy his storyblogging here.

Shared conversations

I finally made a long-overdue phone call to Ed Cone to chat with him about shared interests in online community — ConvergeSouth, BlogTogether.

Later, I met Barry Yeoman for coffee at Broad Street Cafe. I met Barry in Boston at the 2005 Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism, and it’s taken us this long to finally meet in the city we both call home. Great chat with him today about journalism and technology and offline community.

Then, I finished the day with open house at Anna’s school, where I met her teachers. One of the teachers is a Dutch immigrant, and we chatted about our shared heritage.

Call them Al fans

Sally and Paul blog about attending a Weird Al Yankovic concert. I was a Weird Al fan in high school, but missed a concert he gave at a county fair near my home in DeKalb, Illinois. I love it that Sally and Paul are fans, too.

Three dot 7/19/2007

Winding down at the current job, looking forward to the new challenges at Duke … Finished Reach of a Chef last night, and just now settled on dates for the food blogging event with Michael Ruhlman — Sept 24th for a reading and book signing at Regulator at 7pm we hope), Sept 25th for dinner, details to follow at BlogTogether … Listening to former coworker Stephen Barrett on The Story later today (my former intern, Yasmeen Khan, wrote an article about Stephen for our project newsletter) ... Driving to Cleveland tomorrow to see Erin and the girls and welcome the new cousin born last night to Katherine and Tom (Tom was a guest blogger here in May).

Four days

I’ve been sick for four days now, my turn with the cold virus that first visited the girls and then Erin. My timing couldn’t have been worse — the weather in North Carolina this weekend was splendid. While I shivered under the blankets Saturday and Sunday, Anna and Malia spent hours and hours together playing in the sandbox and around the yard.

Snow delayed

I was up to Washington, D.C. yesterday for a work-related meeting, and got to enjoy a snowy day in the capital. It was beautiful, but did cause my flight home to be delayed a couple of hours. When we finally got on our plane at 8pm, the captain announced: “Thank you for your patience. We’re not sure why we’ve been delayed, since we’ve been sitting here since 4pm, asking for a busload of passengers to be brought out to the plane.”

Because of the delay, I missed the first class of the Oral History Workshop at the Friday Center. More about that next week.

Conversations this week

On Monday, I met my friend Stephan for lunch at Fosters Market in Durham. Tuesday, a delightful morning meeting with Wayne Sutton, a local blogger, web developer, deacon and all-around nice guy. Today, the science writers book club, always a stimulating discussion about writing, science and more.

H2-oh sh--

A couple of minutes ago, a crashing sound from outside and the house shook. Then a phone call from a neighbor — no water!

UPDATE: Water’s back on. Whew.
UPDATE: Off again. On again. Off again.
FINAL UPDATE: Water was on the next morning and no problems since. Whew.

Brief hiatus

I’m alive. Will be back with renewed blogging this weekend.

My calendar of events

Meetings of note:

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