Blogging tools update

Aug 7, 2013

Since I first posted my list of new blogging tools back in March, I’ve been adding new items as I encounter them. I’ve also gotten invites to use a few of these.

On Medium a couple of months back, I posted two essays. I wanted to test the export feature, and sure enough, it’s easy to do. I’ve put my two Medium posts on my own S3 archive site: Lucky, for dinner and Bitten by the research bug.

My Twitter archives, by the way, are also mirrored on my S3 space here.

I’m now using Editorially and Draft. Both provide clean ways to compose and edit.

I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign of Ghost. An email update last night suggests we’ll be able to use it in about a month.

I continue to use Fargo to blog, including a few items this past weekend on our family trip to Rhode Island. One item was a response to the actor Tom Hanks, who wrote in the NYTimes about his collection of manual typewriters. See

Earlier tonight, Dave Winer asked me if I use Evernote. Actually, since I started using Fargo, I haven’t opened Evernote once. But I do still use Notational Velocity to take notes at division chiefs meetings at work. (Haven’t had a chance to check out the fork of this tool, nvALT.)

Even though I previously swore off designing the new myself, I have been sneaking a few minutes here and there to play with Foundation 4, and I might actually have a new design for this site in the coming weeks.

More updates as I learn of new tools and test them.

Shift: keys on old typewriter.

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