The storytelling narrative

Aug 3, 2008

In Cleveland earlier this week, I met up with Jack Ricchiuto in Tremont late one night. We headed over to the new hot spot, The Tremont Tap House, for beers and conversation.

Jack just finished another book, Instructions from the Cook.

“What are you thinking about now,” I asked him.

“Storytelling,” he said.

At which I launched in on my passions for storytelling: narrative journalism, oral history, storyblogging, The Moth and The Monti. I mentioned Jif Louis singing a kastom song on my last day on Paama.

Jack’s got some good ideas for teaching people to develop a good ear for storytelling. I’ve learned much just from observing how Jack interacts with people, asking small questions that get a person talking, and soon enough, that person’s story emerges.

From my coversation with Jack, I realized that, in developing my mistersugar brand and online identity, I’ve been developing a story that gives context to the brand.

Now, I’m thinking about a story from my Peace Corps days, about a lost dog and a funny parable from my brother Noel about where that dog might have gone. Watch, or listen, for it here soon.

Anton Zuiker

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