Conference wrapup

Jan 21, 2007

I slept in today, took the girls to the airport to watch planes in the freezing rain and then to the mall to play in the kids area, and am now about ready to sit in bed with the Sunday NYTimes and the remote control for the television. I need this down day after the high of yesterday.

The NC Science Blogging Conference seems to have a been a success (scroll down to see Bora’s comprehensive links to liveblogging and post-conference comments). We had an amazing group of people gathered together to talk about science and blogging and education. Although I was running around taking care of details, I was in awe of the smart and talented people we’d crammed into Murphey Hall.

Everyone pitched in in small and big ways. I’ll thank them all in a separate post, but for now wanted to single out Brian Russell for saving the morning when our coffee order never materialized from Open Eye Cafe (be gentle on them, for now, as they tell me their catering manager lost a family member the night before). Brian walked over and got coffee from the Alpine Bagel shop in the UNC student center.

If you attended the conference, please take a few minutes to send use your feedback using this form.

Anton Zuiker

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