My new podcast

Jul 21, 2006

In listening to my recent participation on WUNC’s State of Things show, I realized, again, how not-fluid my speaking is. Not only do I speak haltingly, but when I do, there is lot of umming and ahhing.

There are probably thousands of websites and books to teach me to speak more fluidly—here’s one—but I know what I need to do: breathe, make eye contact, practice.

And to practice, I’ve created a podcast, Mistersugar Sounds On, where I plan to upload a few short audio posts each week. My first clips: Anna’s birthday greetings to me last year, Chief Louis Obed of Paama Island singing kastom songs, and my Grandpa Sisco last weekend telling me about his life of 93 years.

Have a listen.

Anton Zuiker

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