Tar Heel Tavern #34: T-Shirt & Shoes Required

Oct 9, 2005

Next week, I’ll again host the Tar Heel Tavern, a carnival of North Carolina bloggers. Here’s the theme: t-shirt tales:

That’s right. I’m asking bloggers to dig into their t-shirt drawers, find a shirt with a story behind it—best if it’s got something to do with North Carolina—and share the tale with the rest of us. (See this post for an example of one of my archived posts.)

If you’ve got the means, post a picture of the t-shirt to your blog or Flickr (tag it “tarheeltavernT”).

Submission deadline is Saturday, October 15 at noon.

BONUS: While you’re at it, why not get rid of the t-shirts you haven’t worn in the last year by donating them to your local clothing bank, a Hurricane Katrina drive, or me (I’ll send them to my Peace Corps village in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu).

UPDATE: I’ll accept other, non-t-shirt posts, too. The more crowded into the tavern, the merrier.

Anton Zuiker

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