Dying to blog more

Apr 7, 2008

This NYTimes article about bloggers who die naturally got lots of bloggers working their fingers to death to pick apart the article’s fallacy — bloggers who blog a lot are starting to die! See Bora’s post., for one.

danah boyd, among others, rightly sees the real issue: bloggers, like anyone else, can get out of balance.

Which is what I’ve been thinking about lately.

I’ve not been blogging much these last months — my job at Duke Medicine has been heating up, occupying more and more of my time and waking mind. I love my work. Today, our newly redesigned Inside Duke Medicine newspaper hit the newsstands around the medical center. Soon we’ll be launching a new daily news website.

My family and my health are still my top priorities, and as I’ve begun to obsess about work, I’ve had less and less time to work on my other projects. My challenge this summer is to figure out the best work/life/blogging/projects balance.

Anton Zuiker

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