Moments and friends

Dec 29, 2013

Met a friend yesterday, over at his home. First time I’d been there. I went with Erin and the children, and spent a lovely morning with my friend and his wife and children. Didn’t want the morning to end.

My friend and his wife recommended the new Ben Stiller movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. They suggested we see it on the huge Extreme Digital screen at the Cinemark at Valley View. So we went today with the kids and cousins and my father-in-law. I enjoyed the film and its homage to film photography and magazines and imagination and adventures and making a moment last. I like Stiller’s humor, and I loved the huge screen.

At breakfast with another friend this morning, a discussion about the Cedar Point Chaussee, a causeway that goes out to the roller coaster-heavy amusement park an hour west of Cleveland. We wondered about the word chaussee, but of course Wikipedia has the answer

… an historic term used in German-speaking countries for early, metalled, rural highways, designed by road engineers, as opposed to the hitherto, traditional, unpaved country roads.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the past week trying to locate another Cleveland friend, but I can’t find him, and I’m getting worried. I’ve listened to his answering-machine message a dozen times. Hope he returns soon and allays my fears.

Another friend is back home in North Carolina. I’ve been working on a long post about our friendship for more than a month now, and I rewrote it yet again today, hoping I can find the right message and tone and timing to share my observations.

UPDATE: Found my friend. He’s alive.

Anton Zuiker

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