If I won the lottery

Dec 20, 2013

I would endow ScienceOnline so that the organization would continue — far into the future — to gather and support all those doing, sharing and promoting science on the Web. (Until then, your donations are most appreciated. Please give $20.14 todaystart here and click the Donate button.)

I would fund the BlogTogether Community Service Awards, and give them every year, celebrating those individuals and groups using blogs and social media to advocate for honesty, integrity, fairness and justice, and who make our communities (online and in the world) better places to live and interact.

I would help Jeff and The Monti, and my colleagues at Duke Medicine, make Voices of Medicine a national program that gives patients, their families and their medical caregivers ways to share stories of life, healing, loss and tenderness.

I would invite you all to The Long Table for dinner and slivovitz and long, leisurely conversation.

And I would take care of mom and dad and my brothers, and my wife and my children and my friends.

And I would share the rest with those who are hungry or lonely or homeless or in need.

In fact, I’d probably end up with just this dollar coin in my pocket, but I’d be satisfied.

Anton Zuiker

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