Someday, the BlogTogether Awards

May 14, 2013

Bothered by a sore back from touching up the paint on the house over the weekend, and crushed by all the projects and work tasks I’m juggling, I went to bed a bit early, thinking I’d get a good night of sleep. I set the alarm for 5:30 a.m., and planned to spend an hour writing and sipping tea before the family’s morning routine kicked in.

But sometime during the night, Oliver had crawled into the bed between me and Erin. He tossed and turned and kicked me in the face. I should move him back to his bed, I thought, but didn’t. When the alarm sounded, I rolled out of bed, not as rested as I wanted to be.

A hot cup of tea got me going, but no writing. Still, faced with the stresses of deadlines and responsibilities, what did I focus on? Another idea.

‘I wonder how I can get the BlogTogether Awards finally going,’ I thought. I’ve long wanted to grow the community service award — I gave it to David Kroll in 2011, and he gave it to Karyn Traphagen in 2012 — into a set of awards that we would give to others across the country who have bootstrapped communities, facilitated conversations and promoted the golden rule and the four Cs of inspiration.

The day is rolling along. Just wanted to get that idea onto the blog. One of these days, maybe with a full night of sleep, I’ll wake up and make this idea happen.

Anton Zuiker

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