Pledge week: Please give $20.14 to ScienceOnline

Apr 25, 2013

Turned on the radio this morning, tuned to WUNC 91.5, my local public radio station. Spring pledge drive has begun!

Since I’m already a sustaining member of WUNC, with an automatic monthly donation, I switched over to SiriusXMU for some indie rock. As I was driving through the forested roads that take me to Duke, I remembered that I hadn’t made my donation to ScienceOnline yet. Last week, Karyn sent out a newsletter with a lot of updates — Teen, Oceans, Together (2014) and even Climate! — and a request for community support.

The ScienceOnline community keeps coming up with terrific ideas for events, resources, and programs to help expand and improve the conversations about doing and communicating science on the web. We want to support the local satellites, the online community, the global outreach efforts, and to do that well, we need your help.

Please consider contributing $20.14 this month to help us keep moving forward in 2014 and to sustain the infrastructure that supports all these events, online videos, resources, and opportunities to make a difference in how we all communicate science.

Use this DONATE NOW link to contribute $20.14 via our PayPal system ( you do NOT need a PayPal account, you can pay with a credit card without setting up an account if you prefer).

We appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement for the ScienceOnline community and projects. Thank you for being a part

I just made my donation of $20.14. Will you please join me in supporting ScienceOnline? Add your $20.14 to the pot now and help the organization broaden its outreach into 2014 and beyond.

UPDATE: Karyn’s just published a post with more details about the campaign.

Anton Zuiker

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