On posting my first Medium essay

Apr 14, 2013

I finally got to use the new blogging service Medium, via an invite from Cyrus Radfar (whom I met at ScienceOnline2013), so I used it to post a short essay, inspired by a post by Michael Ruhlman, about eating animals that you killed. I’ve written before about the night Mistersugar the pig was killed and cooked, so I wrote this time about Lucky the cow, also raised, butchered, stewed and eaten on Paama Island.

Read Lucky, for dinner.

I’ve been wanting to try Medium for a while, as noted in these previous posts:

Medium makes the writing of a post as simple as possible: add a photo, type a title, start writing the post. It’s clean, large type, centered on the page and really smooth. I especially liked the ability to add a note along the side of the main column, kind of like a footnote.

As noted in my “Exploring new blogging tools post,” there’s a trend to simplifying the online writing experience. (Check out the many tools on the horizon.) Medium will be a popular tool because of this ease.

Anton Zuiker

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