Spotting the progress

Oct 6, 2012

Back in April, on the occasion of the first anniversary of Science Online NYC, I wrote my post The four Cs of inspiration: Overlapping networks of ScienceOnline.

Since then?

ScienceOnline has become a nonprofit organization, incorporated in North Carolina, awaiting 501©3 determination from the I.R.S., planning ScienceOnline2013 and growing by leaps and bounds. See my previous post, Cheering on ScienceOnline.

And, yesterday, announced a name change for the New York City meetup and annual meeting in London, now to be called SpotOn, for science policy, tools and outreach online. Bravo.

The Web is a great place to be a science lover, and to find ways to say Let’s get together to talk and share and collaborate. ScienceOnline and SpotOn are two great reflections of the power of the Web and the promise of our shared community.

Anton Zuiker

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