Your compliments make me smile

Jul 19, 2012

Over the last few days, close friends have said some very nice things about me, either to me directly or to others in my presence. That made me feel good.

My boss told me, “Do more of what you’re doing.” Her confidence in me made me stand straighter.

This afternoon, as I was standing in line for coffee, a stranger — a visitor to the hospital, who looked exhausted and worried, and confused about what she wanted as sustenance at the moment — looked to me and asked about my eyeglasses. I told her I’d had to find just the right frames to satisfy Erin and her loving ridicule for all oversized frames I’ve selected in the past. “You chose well,” the woman said. That made me smile.

A few minutes later, when I was back at my desk, I felt a bit ashamed that I hadn’t used the fifty-dollar bill in my hand to buy the woman a drink of her choice.

Compliments and courtesies. They make the world go round. Which is why this article, The Perfect Compliment, by Tom Chiarella, is a delightful read that will bring tears to your eyes.

And, because you are a sensitive, observant and caring person, I’m sure you’ll soon be framing your next compliment to a friend or stranger.

Anton Zuiker

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