Martinis & Mentors - drinks & stories with Michael Ruhlman - 5/16/2012

May 7, 2012

Michael Ruhlman DM’d me recently to say he’d be back in North Carolina to attend From A Long and Happy Life to Midstream: Reading and Celebrating the Works of Reynolds Price at Duke University on May 15. Would I want to get some local foodies together for another event? Of course.

Back in November when Michael was here, Andrea Reusing hosted and prepared an amazing multi-course dinner at her Chapel Hill restaurant, Lantern. Michael wrote about his visit and that dinner in his post, Book Tour Blessings.

This time, I thought, we’d do something a bit simpler.

Michael has been blogging about cocktails on Fridays, including The Manhattan and The Perfect Martini. (My friend, Ilina Ewen, also blogs about cocktails in her 5:00 Fridays posts on Dirt & Noise.) Michael also had an inspiring post about teaching his son to cook, Chicken Curry: Teach Kids to Cook.

I’ve had a total of one martini in my life, and that one not very good. Like Michael, I’ve had mentors who have helped me become the writer and person I am today (explored in my recent post). And, just today Malia was at my side learning to make strawberry jam.

So, why not a Martinis & Mentors event, to mix some drinks and share our stories about the mentors in our lives?

That’s just what we’ll do on Wed., May 16 from 7:30 p.m. on at the home of my neighbor, Jason Roberts (a Ruhlman fan, too). We’ll have space for 40 or so, and are asking for $20 per person to cover the cost of the martini mixings and appetizers (perhaps something from Ruhlman’s Twenty or another of Michael’s books about chefs, restaurants and good eating).

Join us! Register now (popup form) form.

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