A life boat would do

May 4, 2012

My work at Duke finished for the week, I pulled into nearby Waller Family Farm to pick another bucket of strawberries. On the radio, SiriusXM channel 33 – 1st Wave, She Blinded Me with Science by Thomas Dolby came to an end, and DJ Richard Blade mentioned that Dolby had recently been on the radio talking about his home in East Anglia, where he had placed an old lifeboat in his yard, the lifeboat outfitted as a recording studio powered by wind and sun.

Given my lifelong desire to park a decommissioned submarine in my own backyard, I was delighted by the story.

Read about Dolby’s lifeboat-studio in this Treehugger post.

And, I now know that Dolby is connected to TED, for which he serves as musical director. Maybe we can invite him to ScienceOnline2013 to talk about his hit song, lifeboat and more.

Anton Zuiker

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