Found in the archives: my story on The Story

Mar 26, 2012

Cori Princell, producer of The Story with Dick Gordon, was kind enough to search the archives of the show for the recording of my brief interview, about the moment I decided not to be a priest, back in 2006.

That was before WUNC, where The Story is based, began to post show archives to the Web. I’ve wanted to hear myself ever since, especially after my friend, David Kroll, wrote a song about me, with a nod to my earlier plan to enter ministry.

I’ve posted the audio to my Sounds On podcast (What, didn’t know I had a podcast? I keep forgetting, too), but here it is again:

One Sunday earlier this month, I was with Anna, Malia and Oliver at the playground in our neighborhood. All three kids were in the swings, and with the sun setting behind me, I stood in front of them, laughing with them as I pushed them higher. This, I thought to myself, is exactly what I chose that Cleveland summer day so long ago.

I did it.

Anton Zuiker

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