41, and still telling my story

Apr 2, 2011

Last year on this day, I marked my 40th birthday with a celebration with friends and family and a pledge that this decade would be one of narrative (my 30s were devoted to writing).

A year into my 40s, I’m happy with where this is going, highlighted by the Tell Your Own Story session I organized — along with my friend and Duke colleague, David Jarmul — for the Duke In Depth weekend in February. (I wrote about it here.) At that session, I started off with a story of my own, about my path to the Peace Corps and how my service in the Republic of Vanuatu informs my online community building. I’ve posted video of my story:

My goal this next year is to tell a story at a Monti StorySLAM (listen to Monti founder and impresario Jeff Polish interviewed on The State of Things) and, at work, to begin the Voices of Medicine project that will feature the physicians and researchers of the Department of Medicine.

Every story needs a beginning, and this is mine.

Anton Zuiker

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