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Mar 5, 2011

With a successful ScienceOnline2011 behind me, I had wanted to retreat to Southport again this year to spend a weekend walking, reading, writing, thinking — my retreat last year was a rewarding time of introspection and discovery — but I decided against a weekend away from my family and instead took the afternoon to sit at 3CUPS with a big pot of keemun mao feng, a pile of magazines, a notebook and my journal.

After a couple of hours on my own (bookended by conversations with long-time acquaintances, including Mark Overbay, who told me about his new venture, Big Spoon fresh-roasted peanut butter), I headed over to the Chelsea Theater to see The King’s Speech, a splendid film.

That movie over, I came straight home, energized enough and very much needing to be with my precious family.

Anton Zuiker

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