14 years and counting

Aug 11, 2010

Thanks to a good friend who offered to watch the girls and sleeping Oliver, Erin and I were able to celebrate our anniversary yesterday with dinner out at Panzanella (sea scallops for me, chicken for her) and then dessert and wine at Lantern. (Lantern is getting continued high praise in the food magazines — just this week, Food & Wine arrived with a feature Carrboro’s Neal’s Deli is also pictured with recipes.)

As happens each August 10th, I found myself gazing at my beautiful wife wondering just how I got so damn lucky to be able to spend my life with her.

And our daughters gave us yet another reason to be proud. They surprised us with a poster they’d colored the night before. This photo doesn’t show it, but along the sides they’d written this: Love is everywhere.

Anton Zuiker

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