A party for my 40th, aka the #stories4mistersugar Tweetup

Mar 22, 2010

As I wrote in my Thinking Places post a few weeks ago, I’m about to celebrate my 40th birthday, and I want to do it in a style similar to how I celebrated 30. For that birthday, I invited friends and family for a party meant to kick off my decade of writing — guests came with books and journals and pens and other items meant to help me write my heart out.

So, for 40, a party as well. This time around, it’s to help me begin a decade devoted to storytelling — I want to develop my narrative skills, in writing, storytelling and digital and social media, and you can help with a story of your own.

Please join me at my home in Carrboro (map below) at 7:30pm on Friday, April 2, 2010. I’ll provide the barbecue and slaw, sodas and cake. You can add to the fun by bringing a sixpack of beer or other libation. The only gift I ask is a story — a story you can tell us all during the party, a story written in a blog post or tweet (use the tag #stories4mistersugar) or personal letter, or a story in some other form or format.

I’m preparing to tell a story or two of my own, and my father will be visiting from Honolulu, so you may get to hear a tale from my childhood. I’m sure you’ll also get to eat those delicious chocolate-covered macadamia nuts he always brings with him from Hawaii.

If you can join me for this party, add your name to the list using this form.

If you’re not able to join the party, I welcome your ideas for how I can improve my narrative skills. Just send me a message any time.

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