Bright day, bright minds, bright ideas

Mar 6, 2010

It’s a beautiful and sunny day in the Triangle, and the RTP headquarters is the setting for some of the area’s bright minds sharing ideas as part of TEDxRTP.

First up is Duke’s Christopher Gergen talking about social entrepreneurship (he works with students in the Hart Leadership Program and a new project called Bull City Forward). He talks about how people go from living a life to leading a life by articulating a clear vision of what the future looks like, how they pull people around them to fulfill those dreams, and how they build in daily habits of renewal. passions, strengths. (All this speaks to me and my recent personal reflection and goal setting.)

The leaders that Gergen talked to for his book, Life Entrepreneurs, when asked about biggest fear, didn’t answer ‘fear of failure’ but rather ‘fear of regret’. “What’s holding you back?” Gergen asks us.

Gergen was a great choice to kick off the day. Who doesn’t like being inspired and encouraged to have dreams?

Next, a talk about creativity by Andy Hunt, suggesting that doodling and capturing the next great idea with pen and paper is how to go. My shoulder bag is at my feet, filled with my own notebooks and pens — lots of idea generating to go into those later today.

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Anton Zuiker

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