Year to year

Dec 20, 2009

2009 has been a very good and busy year for me and my family:

Lots of highlights to this year, but also an intensity and stress I’m eager to leave behind.

2010 is going to be no less busy, with some exciting milestones already on the calendar promising welcome growth and change.

Next month’s ScienceOnline2010 will be our fourth annual science blogging conference, our biggest and best BlogTogether event yet. Together with Science in the Triangle, our efforts to build a community around science — locally as well as globally — will continue to evolve into a more coordinated, collaborative effort.

On April 2, I will turn 40, and to celebrate, I’m planning a Long Table dinner for a long, leisurely meal and conversation about turning points. I hope you’ll join me for this.

In May, Erin and I will welcome another child to our family. We are delighted to be expecting our first son. Read my post Naming rights and you’ll know his middle name, at least.

There will be more activities and events and parties and travels, no doubt. Through it all, I resolve to stay committed to my values: family, friendships, collaboration, communication, community and narrative.

See you in the new year.

Anton Zuiker

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