The Long Table inaugural event

Sep 6, 2009

Erin and I invite you to the inaugural event of The Long Table, an initiative to promote good food, good place and good conversation.

Throughout the years, our experiences at family holiday meals, Vanuatu village “kakais”, restaurant farmers dinners and impromptu tea parties have fostered in us both a strong desire to gather with friends, enjoy a good meal and engage in long, leisurely conversation. It’s in the sharing of food and stories and place that the bonds of family and community grow strongest, we have learned.

Our new home in Carrboro will be one place for us to set a Long Table to share a meal with you. We also want to encourage the Long Table lifestyle locally and nationally — we’ll support locavore events, plan a few of our own, blog about regional sustainable agriculture and plug into national organizations with similar missions.

We’re kicking off this initiative on Sun, Sept 20 from 5pm-8pm at 3CUPS in Chapel Hill. Hich Elbetri, chef-owner of Sandwhich, and his mother, Naima Elbetri will prepare an authentic Moroccan meal, Badi Bradley and Jay Murrie of 3CUPS will choose the wine, and Erin and I will get the conversation started with a story or two. Tickets are $35 per person. Reserve your space by calling 919.724.4220.

We do hope you’ll be able to join us for this meal.

Read about the inspiration for The Long Table at The food blogging event with Michael Ruhlman at Piedmont two years ago was another precursor.

Twitter updates will be posted to @thelongtable.

And speaking of storytelling, The Monti is a Triangle-based storytelling initiative. Don’t miss its season opener on Sept 19th.

Anton Zuiker

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