Into 2009

Jan 1, 2009

Highlights from the last day of 2008: I was courtside (media row) for a Duke blow-out of Loyola (MD), my first time in Cameron Indoor Stadium for a men’s basketball game (I took Erin and the girls to Cameron a few days ago for the Duke women’s bball game against Quinnipiac), and then, later, a couple of hours at Beck’s party, followed up by a low-key movie night with Erin to watch Das Leben der Anderen, timed just right so that the Berlin Wall fell in the film just as the year ended and 2009 arrived.

How I began 2009: I took a long, solo walk in the cold morning air, then returned to the house to spend the day cleaning and organizing the house, as much in anticipation of visiting family members as preparation for selling this house. Later, my brother Joel arrived with two of his daughters and my mother, come to visit for a few days.

At one point during the Duke game yesterday, I noticed that all five Loyola players on the court had shoulder tattoos, and none of Duke players had body art (that I could see). At Beck’s party, I met some cool people and talked up my plans for building The Long Table in 2009. Dinner tonight was a step in the right direction — a multi-generational family around a table for a home-cooked meal and leisurely conversation.

Anton Zuiker

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