Slow Monday

Nov 10, 2008

With no school for Anna today, and Erin out of town, and the sun dazzling North Carolina, the morning made for a perfect time to alight at 3CUPS in Chapel Hill for tea time with my daughter. We sat, sipped — chamomile for Anna, Keemun mao feng for me — and read. Later, 3CUPS partner and manager (and friend) Badi Bradley gave us a tour of the new shop, and introduced me to wine guru Jay Murrie.

Up the street, at Whole Foods, I picked up more pomegranates for my annual making of grenadine. On my way out of the store, I noticed the inaugural edition of a new publication, Edible Piedmont. This is great to see, because four or five years ago, when I first read about the Edible Communities newsletters in one of Saveur Magazine’s 100 roundup issues, I thought this area needed such a food publication. Edible Piedmont joins a growing list of local food blogs that reflects the exciting farm, food and dining story in the Piedmont.

Little by little, I’m putting things in place to be able to focus on food blogging (and story blogging) in 2009.

More soon.

Anton Zuiker

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