The launch of Inside Online

Sep 27, 2008

For much of the last 13 months, I’ve been working to create a daily news website to complement Inside Duke Medicine, the monthly employee newspaper that I edit as part of my job at Duke University Health System.

The goal: flip Inside from its boring print-to-Web version to a more interactive Web-to-print strategy. I wanted a site that could better reflect the ‘river of news’ that flows through Duke Medicine every day, a site that could collect the announcements and articles and stories that then would make it into the newspaper (which we redesigned and reformatted earlier this year — see the latest issues).

Two weeks ago, Inside Online finally launched, at

Inside Online is a daily news website, public but meant for the employees of the health system. We’re using Wordpress as a content management system; my friend Brian Russell developed the site, patiently working through all the design and functionality changes I sprang on him through the months. (Brian’s now onto a bigger and better project, Carrboro Creative Coworking).

I’m proud of this accomplishment, and eager to see the site succeed as the go-to source of news and information at Duke Medicine.

Have a look, and share any suggestions for how we can make it better.

Anton Zuiker

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