Taking stock

Aug 20, 2008

One year ago today, I started my job as manager of internal communications at Duke Medicine, a job I’ve poured myself into and enjoyed. To mark the anniversary, I’ll take a break from the dozen projects and deadlines and tasks currently stressing me out so to walk over to the Duke Gardens and sit among the bamboo.

School for the girls starts tomorrow. Erin starts her job in two weeks. BlogTogether conferences and initiatives are languishing. I owe time on a freelance project.

Fortunately, we’re all healthy and well. It’s just that I’m struggling with this complicated life I’ve planned around me.

In the kitchen just now to pour a glass of orange juice and feed the cat, I found a lovely note from Erin reminding me to recapture the relaxation of our Miami Beach vacation.

By the end of day, then, I’ll be in shorts and flip flops, whittling away some of the complications of my to-do list.

Anton Zuiker

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