Tell me about wine

Aug 16, 2008

The quiet house has been getting to me this week — Erin and the girls are still in Cleveland — so I fled the eerie peace last night to see Tell No One, an excellent French murder mystery.

And tonight I went to see Bottle Shock, a dramatic retelling of the 1976 head-to-head blind tasting of French and California wines, in which the Americans shocked the oenophiles. A delightful film, this one.

As I drove home, I remembered the blissful New Zealand spring afternoon when Erin and I stopped our camper van near budding vines and green pastures to have a peaceful lunch and glasses of the wine we’d collected on our tour of the country’s wineries. (I mentioned our favorite in this previous post.)

The house is still quiet, but promises to return to its bustle and hum when my darling little women return this weekend. Travel safely, Erin. I have a bottle of chardonnay chilled for your arrival.

Anton Zuiker

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