Feb 12, 2008

After more than six months of near inactivity, I’ve rejoined Fitness World (through the Duke Fitness Club), although I still haven’t figured out just when I’m going to get to the gym. Maybe in the evenings, like last night. For my first visit, I started out with a brisk walk on the treadmill.

Trying hard to ignore the flat-screen television showing the kennel-club prancing, I daydreamed about all the walking I used to do in my hometown, DeKalb, Illinois, where I regularly walked up Second or Third streets the few miles from the high school to my grandparents’ apartment.

I may be headed back to DeKalb in April to celebrate Grandpa Sisco’s 95th birthday. He’s lived so long partly because he took a walk each morning for more than 70 years.

I’ll be going back to the gym tomorrow, you can be sure.

Anton Zuiker

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