Watts Grocery

Dec 11, 2007

Last month, I met my college friend, Stephan Liozu, for lunch at Durham’s hot new restaurant, Watts Grocery. (Another college friend, Mark Schreiner, works with me at Duke.) This afternoon, I found myself in the original Watts Street Grocery, a standalone wooden building at the corner of Watts and Englewood streets.

That’s where a writer friend, Mary-Russell Roberson works with three other women — a landscape designer, a women’s center founder and another writer — in a fantastic example of co-working. Each December, they invite their friends, family and clients (and the owner of the building, the lady who used to operate the grocery store with her husband) to a tea party.

This was a nice connection to Durham’s history, and I’m glad to be learning about the city that we continue to call home.

Anton Zuiker

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