Beer tasting in the torrid zone

Oct 6, 2007

It’s been six years since I last attended the World Beer Festival in Durham (my 2001 post is here), so it was time again to descend into the threadbare Durham Athletic Park with a couple of my neighbors and a thirst for good brews.

I tasted a dozen beers (and stopped there, since I was the driver for the day), and especially enjoyed the Grimbergen double — which I learned about in a tasting session led by beer blogger Lew Bryson — and Shipyard Sea Dog Blueberry Ale.

Later, back home, the kids in bed and the kitchen cleaned, I showered, wrapped myself in a lavalava and sprawled on the bed under the fan to finish Alex Frater’s fantastic paean to the tropics,
. (See my earlier post about my delight in finding my name in the book.)

In Tales, Alex mentions drinking cold Vanuatu Tusker beer at Tasso’s guest house at Lamen Bay on Epi, the next island over from Paama. Somehow, some way, my world beer tasting next year will be there.

Anton Zuiker

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