Michael Ruhlman in Durham

Sep 23, 2007

Michael arrived today, and gave a great reading at The Regulator, with about 35 people in the room. Front and center was Reynolds Price, who taught Michael when he was a student at Duke.

During the Q&A session, someone asked whether blog writing might distract a writer of books from the task at hand. Price said that 95 percent of his writing is done by his unconscious mind, and that he needed to focus on writing his novel. Michael, referencing the chapter he’d just read that talked about how his experience in the restaurant kitchen taught him to multitask, suggested Price could write novels and blog.

“I have written 38 books,” Price replied, as we all had a good laugh at the give and take between teacher and student. Pretty awesome to witness the two distinguished writers together.

Michael also talked about his forthcoming book, The Elements of Cooking. Looks to be a perfect holiday gift for anyone you know who likes to cook.

After the reading, a few of us (Michael, Bryan Zupon, Drew Brown and Brian Russell) walked over to Locopops for a cold treat. Then, Michael, Brian and I went to The Q Shack, it being the only bbq joint open on a Sunday night.

Michael Ruhlman signs his books at The Regulator

Anton Zuiker

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