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Sep 22, 2007

Dan Barkin, News & Observer deputy managing editor, gives a shout out to my and Bora’s efforts to organize the science blogging conference.

The Web 1.0 didn’t work out so well for Anton Zuiker. No surprise there. The crash of the dot-coms at the end of the past decade took down a lot of companies, including the startup where Zuiker was working.

Web 2.0 has been a different experience for him. Zuiker hasn’t become a bazillionaire and has a rather traditional day job — manager of internal communications at Duke’s medical complex. But if that’s all he did, you wouldn’t be reading about him here.

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Btw, Paul Jones and Brian Russell are also very involved with the planning of the conference, as well as the BlogTogether group.

Also, N&O food critic Greg Cox posted about the food blogging events in his blog today.

Anton Zuiker

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