Goodbye Friday

Aug 11, 2007

I fell asleep last night while sitting on the couch, the girls beside me as we watched one of their favorite movies, and I was out until 8 this morning. Yesterday was hot, intense, exhausting.

The temperature was up around 104 yesterday, and I was supposed to spend the day leisurely enjoying my final day in the cool offices of at MEASURE Evaluation, saying good-bye to my colleagues. But the night before, Erin was severely ill (giardia, she thinks), and so I had the girls in tow for the day. They behaved remarkably well, given the heat and the change of plans. Some unexpected help from coworkers — thanks, Webb and Julie — kept the girls entertained while I finished cleaning my office and sending the last of the wrap-up messages.

By 4 the van was packed with the boxes, I’d handed in my keycard and desk key, and we were picking up Erin at the student health clinic. I’d had no time to really concentrate on my departure, although the two months of transition did give me time to reflect. I’ve just left an excellent and comfortable job, and I’ll miss the people with whom I worked. Since I’ll be just 10 miles up the road, I suspect I’ll get back to see them soon.

For the next week, I’m officially unemployed. We’ll be in West Jefferson, North Carolina to enjoy cooler temperatures and long conversations with our Peace Corps Vanuatu friends Erika Rundiks and Kevin Anderson.

And on August 20th, I embark on my next gig. I’m looking forward to the challenges and opportunities and people at Duke.

Anton Zuiker

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