Last item of the day: list blogging

May 9, 2007

As Erin can attest, I make lists — seems like I’m always writing lists of activities and tasks and people to call and bills to pay and goals to achieve. Since the NC Science Blogging Conference ended in January, I’ve had a stack of leftover yellow announcement cards, and on the backs of them I’ve taken to drawing my little square bullets and whatever action item has flitted across my mind.

I’ve tried various online list sites. My favorite is one by former Chapel Hill blogger and Tabulas founder Roy Kim called Listfoo (now open source).

Over the weekend, I came upon a link to Behance, and I ordered an orange Action Pad and a stack of Action Cards. These look pretty cool and useful, though my yellow conference cards are cheaper.

And, at her Brazen Careerist blog, Boston Globe colunnist Penelope Trunk confesses to being a list maker, too, and she suggests If you don’t like writing lists, buy a new pen.

Anton Zuiker

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