Take another sip

May 7, 2007

At 3CUPS this past week, manager Badi Bradley announced a seemingly drastic new policy for a coffeeshop: after 11am on weekdays and all day weekends, no more of their “quick cup” single servings of coffee. Instead, he wants customers to order a press-pot of coffee and enjoy a slower sip:

Why the change? To better align ourselves with our Slow Food philosophy, to honor the coffee farmers by preparing coffee in the best tasting method, and to concentrate on the Press Pot… what we do well!

At the Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup last Wednesday, I mentioned the Slow Food movement, and when someone asked about the significance of the phrase, Brian Russell said simply, “It’s the opposite of ‘fast food.’”

Oh, was the response, as Brian demonstrated the d’oh headslap to self that usually accompanies the realization that there is an alternative to the fast-paced processed food that corporate interests want to shove down our throats. So while Badi has his work cut out for him as he explains to his customers that he doesn’t want to see them so quickly out the door, he’s on the right path.

Brian, by the way, is working on a cool project for creative Carrboro workers.

Anton Zuiker

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