Tune in Now

May 3, 2007

Guest blogging by Tom Michael

You may be wondering what’s with the recent posts about Marfa Texas on a North Carolina-based blog. (For those of us living in and around this remote tiny town, sometimes it doesn’t seem so disconnected.) But in an odd coincidence today (thanks for the tip, mistersugar), there is a Marfa-NC link… but you must act now.

If you’re in North Carolina and it’s noon, you need to tune your radio (or browser) to WUNC (91.5 FM Chapel Hill, and elsewhere) to hear The State of Things with host Frank Stasio. You are in for a treat.

The very talented musician Tift Merritt will be on the show. She is working with our radio station, Marfa Public Radio, on a new program called The Spark. Tift is smart, sweet, hard-working and apparently too modest for not telling me about this appearance.

And if you miss it at noon, it reprises at 9 PM and afterwards can be found in the TSOT podcast.

Anton Zuiker

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