Trying to see Ted Kennedy

Apr 30, 2007

My college buddy, Jim Parker, rang me last week to tell me he’d gotten a promotion at work and will soon be leading an effort to incorporate blogging into his company’s website. When he asked if I’d read his personal blog lately, I realized I hadn’t, that I’d only been reading his linklog. I’m subscribed now to his Attention Grab blog about “media, technology, and humanity.”

When I did finally get to his site this weekend, I found this amazing post, US Senators, a Vice President, a Camera Man, and a Cop. It’s a wonderful storyblogging post, with memories tied to current events and a bit of serendipity:

Over the years, through my mother’s connections (and some of my own) I’ve gotten to meet or shake hands or be within speaking distance of many interesting people.

But what’s best about this post is how Jim relates to the people he met that day — a nun, a cameraman, a police officer, a Secret Service agent, a couple of senators — and how his interactions with those individuals demonstrate his connections to humanity.

Anton Zuiker

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