Guest bloggers in May

Apr 30, 2007

Tomorrow, Tom Michael (husband to my wife’s sister) will begin a week of guest blogging here at I’m honored that he accepted my invitation to post his observations on life, memory, North Carolina and anything else he wants.

Tom worked for 10 years as an editor at Encyclopedia Britannica in Chicago. He also started a zine, wrote for Time Out Chicago, saw countless concerts and visited a wide variety of restaurants. Along the way, he’s met some amazing people, and interviewed many of them on his long-running radio show, Tom’s Town.

After crisscrossing the country in a campervan, he and his talented artist wife, Katherine Shaughnessy, alighted in a far corner of the Texas, where they’ve got more projects than I can keep track of — Wool & Hoop Crewel Embroidery Kits is one very successful endeavor; Marfa Public Radio, which Tom helped found and build, might get fully off the ground someday soon, we hope.

I dearly admire Tom — he watched World Cup soccer with me at 5am, after all — and it’s going to be a treat to read his entries this coming week. Have at it, Tom.

After Tom guest blogs here, there may be other guest bloggers. And, with luck, by the end of May this site will have a nice new look (I’m working with the designer Kelly Sims).

Anton Zuiker

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