Slow food blogging speeding up

Apr 24, 2007

The food blogging ball is rolling — I’m finally off my duff and planning for the series of events around food and blogging for this summer and early fall.

Here’s an event I hope I can attend and blog: Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini will speak at NCSU May 23rd at 7pm as part of the Farm-to-Fork celebration of Local Foods and Local Farms. (Don’t miss Corby Kummer’s excellent article in the May 2007 Atlantic Monthly, The Supermarket of the Future, about a slow-food grocery store in Turin, Italy.)

If you read Michael Pollan’s essay in last Sunday’s NYTimes Magazine, You Are What You Grow, you’ll see that there’s a movement to get our country back on a sane farming and eating practice. Our BlogTogether food blogging idea is another local way to celebrate the good farming and good food in our community.

Anton Zuiker

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