Fair share

Apr 17, 2007

Ed Cone on paying taxes

I appreciate some of the stuff done with the money, other stuff not so much.

I filed our taxes last week, and kids, graduate-school debt and mortgage deductions mean we’ll get a nice refund again this year. I’m a bit chagrined with the low-low effective tax rate we ended up paying, although my desire to pay my fair share of the country’s expenses (minus the costly quagmire in Iraq — recall I voted against the guy twice!) and my belief in a progressive tax system will catch up with us next year once Erin is working.

Though, Erin, who is taking a tax law class this semester, reminds me our low rate is tied to the daycare expenses we pay — more than her law school tuition! — and that those expenses are supporting a couple of talented teachers who are themselves getting more education to improve their bottom line.

Small change from me this year, but I hope Uncle Sam spends it well.

Anton Zuiker

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