Ruhlman's menu for storytelling

Apr 8, 2007

Holy cow, what a great book — once I’d started reading Michael Ruhlman’s , I couldn’t put it down. There’s a section of the book all about Michael Symon and his wonderful Lola Bistro in Cleveland; Erin and I ate there once when we got back from Vanuatu.

Yesterday I was into the section about Thomas Keller and The French Laundry, and was supremely jealous of Michael as he described his time shadowing Keller and the ur-talented chefs that work in that phenomenal California restaurant.

I reached the final page at midnight last night, and I’ve found inspirtion in Michael’s storytelling (he once told me he starts writing early each morning and doesn’t stop for the day until he’s written at least 1600 words) and Keller’s striving for perfection. Of course, I botched a simple pan of pork sausage links this morning.

Michael’s got some gig at The Chef’s Garden tonight. That’s a farm in the shadow of Erin’s grandfather’s farm in Huron, Ohio, and Erin’s mom, Joanne, and I have long talked about making a visit to Farmer Jones.

In the next few days, I hope to negotiate a BlogTogether food blogging event to be headlined by Michael this summer. Stay tuned. And do yourself a favor — pick up The Soul of a Chef. Find out more about his books and read his blog at

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