Like a billion dollars

Apr 4, 2007

The big news out of Chicago this week is that the Tribune Company is going private with new owner Sam Zell, and that the Cubs baseball team is for sale. Having grown up outside of Chicago and watched plenty a Cubbies game with Grandpa Sisco — Van Halen’s Jump, blue-and-white uniforms and bobbled ground balls by Shaun Dunston are burned into my memory — I read the Tribune news with interest. But a description of Zell in the NYTimes mentioned that the billionaire likes to dress casually.

My first job out of college was at HMSA in Honolulu, where the workplace attire for men was nice pants and an island shirt. Ever since, I’ve wanted to dress in business suits and fancy silk ties, but I’m most comfortable in aloha shirts.

Today I’m wearing jeans and a new short-sleeved red plaid Ecko Unlimited shirt, a decidedly casual outfit. I feel good, and with my head held high and shoulders straight, I feel like a billionaire rich guy.

Anton Zuiker

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