That's a crime

Mar 13, 2007

Late in 2006, I stopped watching C.S.I., one part of my fasting from television, soda and chocolate. The C.S.I. shows — created, written and/or produced by a second cousin, Anthony E. Zuiker — are certainly popular and well-documented as having a societal impact (see CSI Effect), but the repetition and always-solved-in-an-hour format are mind numbing.

Last night, I got caught up in a C.S.I. Miami episode that was gripping in its terrible writing and jumble of cliche stories: a murder at a babes-for-auction party leading to a terrorist -plotted near-cataclysm for the city of Miami and the worst dialogue you could put in the mouth of the show’s star. Holy god, that was bad.

Back on the wagon I go.

Anton Zuiker

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