Lickety split

Mar 12, 2007

Meant to report on my visit to Locopops yesterday, first time I left disappointed with my choices (yes, I routinely get two different small popsicles): guava cream was certainly made with real guavas, because the strong seeds were plentiful, but as a cream-based pop this one didn’t work; Mexican gazpacho had a nice cucumber base, but the chile overwhelmed it and I didn’t even finish this one, even with Malia and Anna nibbling at it.

No matter. When Locopops opens their Chapel Hill location in the courtyard near 3CUPS, I’ll certainly be a regular.

UPDATE: The CH Locopops seems to be open for business. I just walked by the shop, and it’s all set up and a sign on the door says hours are daily noon to 9pm.

Anton Zuiker

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