Passionate about passion fruit

Feb 15, 2007

At Whole Foods the other day, I snagged 4 passion fruit, giddy that the sale price of 99 cents per fruit was so low — normally, each small orb is $2.99. When these four are wrinkled, they’ll be ripe, and I’ll break them open to find the tart pulp inside. Oh, I can’t wait.

Once, on a hike with Erin to a waterfall on Maui, I came upon a passion vine and plucked a fruit from it, and savored the sweetness inside. I can vividly and viscerally remember the sun and wind and earth at that moment in paradise, and beautiful Erin beside me.

I’m like passion fruit, and I’m passionate about Erin. (Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.)

Anton Zuiker

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