Missed the j-school cut

Feb 9, 2007

Back in November, the UNC j-school announced it would create a new online-news faculty position (for someone with blogging and e-journalism experience), and, naturally, I applied for the job1.

You will see from my materials that I am passionate about accurate reporting, good writing, narrative journalism and online communication – all values on which JOMC is seeking to build with the online-news job. I bring passion to my public speaking and personal tutoring, and am easily able to work with students and faculty alike to adopt and perfect these skills and tools. I would relish the opportunity to join the faculty and help you adapt the school’s programs to the challenges facing journalism.

Today, though, a rejection letter.

We have narrowed the candidates to a short list of finalists. Unfortunately, your application is not among those remaining, but I want you to know that the search committee gave your material its most serious attention.

This search drew an exceptional group of applicants. Many of the people who did not make the short list had very strong records and impressive accomplishments. The narrowing was not so much eliminating people who were not qualified as it was removing applicants from further consideration whose attributes, however strong, did not match the qualifications of the position as closely as others.

Disappointed though I may be, I am interested to see who makes the final cut, and will certainly lend my support to the new professor, and extend an open invitation to participate in our growing BlogTogether community of online communicators.

Over the next few weeks, BlogTogether will keep me busy. There’s bowling next Wednesday, a few conversations with community and media leaders wanting to reach out to the local blogging community, a food blogging tour to start planning, and steps to creating a non-profit corporation.

1 See my current resume

Anton Zuiker

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