Ideas for StoryBlogging

Feb 7, 2007

A call from a friend earlier this week, about an upcoming announcement from a local institution, has me brainstorming ideas for the still nascent StorybBlogging initiative.

With encouragement from my local blogging friends, I’ve already begun the process of creating a nonprofit corporation for the BlogTogether group, and once that’s born, StoryBlogging can become one activity of the new organization.

Then, we set in motion this goal for StoryBlogging: by the end of 2008, we’ll have gathered 1000 oral history entries from citizens across North Carolina. Each of those entries (blog posts with a short memoir and an audio clip) will be tagged to capture the key concepts, historical events, geographic markers and people, and the site will have a strong search engine to give students a way to search and learn about the state’s history.

To prepare for that, I’ll be taking the Oral History Workshop at the Friday Center next month.

Anton Zuiker

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