Crack nut

Dec 23, 2006

It’s been all The Nutcracker here at the Zuiker home, with the girls watching a video of the Royal Ballet Company dancing the story. This afternoon we took Anna and Malia to see the local company’s staging, and Carolina Ballet gave us a grand show, though Malia, so excited to see Clara and the mice, missed her nap and was a bundle of exhausted energy during the first act, and so she and I stood at the back of the theater for the second, where she watched closely for the “crack nut.” Anna hated to see the dancing end.

Later, at Helios Coffee Company, Malia looked across the table at me and said, “Dad, my hot chocolate matches your caffeine” — I’d broken down and ordered a mocha, and Malia equates coffee with caffeine.

Anton Zuiker

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